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PTA fundraising ideas for your school

Is it time for a spring clear out to help raise funds for your school?

Children grow out of things pretty fast – whether it’s physically out of their clothes and shoes or emotionally out of their books, toys, CDs and games. As parents/carers if we look hard enough there is probably a mountain of ‘stuff’ that could easily be recycled or sold on to make money for your school.

fundraising ideas for school

Some fundraising ideas for your school

By introducing recycling schemes into school, you can create a whole community with a dual-purpose – raise funds for your school and keep pre-loved clothes and other useful items out of landfill. There are a number of schemes up and down the country that will pay you for items such as:

Printer cartridges can be recycled and you can earn money at

Books, CDs and games can be recycled and you can earn money at

Pre-loved clothes, shoes and household textiles can be recycled at and here’s how:

Order a FREE recycled branded clothing bins

Why not install one of our FREE school branded recycled clothing bins outside your school premises, or inside the grounds if accessible? This enables anyone in your school, village or local community to easily donate old clothes, shoes or household fabrics that they no longer use. Simply pop the items into the recycled clothing bin and when you reach the 1 tonne target of pre-loved textiles, we will pay you £400! When your bin is full, just give us a call and we will empty, clean it and tidy up the surrounding area so you never have to worry about any unsightly mess in your school grounds.

Kids Fill The Bag Challenge 2022

If you don’t have the space for a fully installed recycled clothing bin, why not take part in our popular Kids Fill The Bag challenge for 2022? Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time to have a clear out as a whole school effort and produce a minimum of 40 refuse sacks filled with outgrown and unwanted clothing garments, paired shoes and any household textiles that can all be given a second lease of life. 40 bags will bag you a whopping £400! We even have a resources page on our website for you to download posters and publicise your recycling challenge to get everyone involved.

The Kids Just Recycle Referral Scheme

If you’re already benefitting from having one of our FREE branded clothing recycling bins on your school grounds, you can earn even more money by recommending another school or business in your area to do the same – and if they successfully sign up, you will get an extra £100 for your school fundraiser. The great thing about this referral scheme is you can recommend as many schools and organisations as you like and get paid multiple times!

So, if you are running out of PTA fundraising ideas for your school, jump on board with Kids Just Recycle and start educating children about the importance of recycling, taking care of Planet Earth and keeping our clothes out of landfill.

If you are looking at new ideas for fundraising in 2022, give us a call today.

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