Recycling for kids

Why is recycling for kids so important? Today’s younger generation are the ones who are going to be the most affected by the damage we, and previous generations, have inflicted on our environment.

The greenhouse gases and the effects of global warming are taking their toll, so now it is more important than ever to teach effective ways to encourage recycling for kids. Did you know that the 3 arrows in the recycling symbol we use represent the three ‘R’s? Reduce Reuse Recycle; it is more than just a symbol, once kids understand its meaning, it is a constant reminder to RRR wherever possible.

Recycling for kids

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Recycling ideas for schools’ projects

Why concentrate on recycling for kids?

Recycling ideas for school projects are a great way to get children involved in understanding what can be recycled, how much waste is generated, the impact on the environment and what we can do about it as a school community. Usually a school’s biggest area of waste is paper, plastic and food waste. There are great ways to analyse the amount of waste you have in school (maybe not the food YUCK!) and how to manage the recycling of it all as part of the KS1 and KS1 curriculum. These will all involves maths, science and teamwork! However, if you are looking for recycling ideas to fund school projects, then why not consider clothing recycling by installing a school uniformed branded clothing bin for students and families to donate to – and get paid cash per tonne collected to help boost school funds?

Recycling clothing banks

Recycling ideas for schools

Children can make a world of difference when it comes to recycling ideas for schools. We have 3 very simple and effective recycling ideas that get everyone involved in making a positive impact to your immediate environment and to the wider world. Turn anything into a competition and watch most kids get serious about winning! Inter-class challenges are a great way to get motivation boosted and minds focussed.


  • Hold a recycling competition – collect as much paper, plastic and cans as possible and whoever has the most, wins a prize or house points!
  • Upcycle materials – set them a challenge that will help them view rubbish differently. Fabric covered toilet roll tubes to make pen pots, plastic bottle to make plant pots or plastic jars to make bird feeders!
  • Install a Kids Just Recycle clothing bin and watch the donations fly in – the added bonus of this is the school will be paid cash for every tonne of clothes donated!

School recycling programs

Creating a school recycling program to help recycling for kids

Creating a school recycling program is an exciting time for the challenge that lays ahead, for children of all ages, from primary through to secondary education. By initiating a school recycling program with Kids Just Recycle, we can ensure that your textiles and clothing recycling program will earn you money. The 5 important steps to remember are: 1. Build support for your program. 2. Build a Green Team. 3. Plan a timetable for your program. 4. Promote your program through school website, social media, leaflet campaign and more. 5. Celebrate and keep going, because your branded recycling bin from us is yours for as long as you need it and we will keep paying out as long as you keep filling it up.


Teaching children about recycling

There are plenty of ways to start teaching children about recycling and how they can live a greener life and make better choices that help our planet. It is important that we start to make a change now so that people living decades after us can still enjoy our world. Teaching children about reducing, re-using and recycling is crucial for future generations. Here at Kids Just Recycle, we want children to understand that by simply recycling their unwanted clothes, plays a huge part in a greener future. By doing this we reduce landfill where clothing is dumped and buried, then produces greenhouse gases adding to global warming. Recycling clothing reduces harmful landfill.


Recycling for children

Recycling for kids

Recycling for kids

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Recycling for children

Schools should help recycling for kids

Recycling for children is hopefully a way of life that is being taught at home and at school, but this is small scale recycling of which they probably see very little impact. Yes, it is a great learning curve knowing which recyclable materials belong in which coloured receptacle, but what about the bigger picture? Younger children may be wondering why recycling a single cereal box is so important and may struggle to see any environmental impact it would have. A great way to explain this to your child is to get them to imagine, every person in the world throwing out their own cereal box after breakfast – all 7.4 billion of them! That’s when recycling for children becomes a powerful message.

Recycling in schools

Recycling in schools is not a new concept. In fact, for many years, children have been encouraged to save their empty loo rolls, milk cartons and cereal boxes to bring into school for the latest creative extravaganza! Recycling and re-using clothing has also been a part of recycling in schools by way of jumble sales to raise money for the school purse. Today, we have a different way of raising funds for schools, which requires less resources and reluctant volunteers. Here at Kids Just Recycle, we can install a clothing recycling bin, which has been fully designed and branded to your requirements, which your school community can donate to and we will empty it every 2 weeks and pay you cash for every tonne donated.

Teaching kids about recycling in KS1

Creating a school recycling program

Planet Earth is an amazing place to live. It has given us everything we need to survive as for millions of years, but in a relatively short space of time, us humans have done a lot of damage. Teaching kids about recycling in KS1 today is a great way to keep the Earth healthy. There are lots of great teaching resources available for KS1 children in schools and online that can help them make small daily changes that over time will really help; things like recycling or re-using plastic water bottles instead of throwing them in the bin, turning off the light when you don’t need it and recycling or re-using clothes by donating them or upcycling the fabric.


Clothes recycling for schools

How often do you go your local supermarket and see a wide range of clothes recycling bins that raise awareness and funds for some of the world’s best loved charities? This is a simple and convenient way to get rid of any unwanted clothes and it also means you are helping to support a good cause. It is easy, effective and it works. That’s why at Kids Just Recycle we are bringing this concept to your school grounds, so that you can benefit in the same way. All you have to do is order one of our bins which we will brand to your specification, get your school community to donate their unwanted clothes, and leave the rest to us. We will empty your clothes recycling for schools bin every 2 weeks and pay you cash for every tonne of clothing you donate.


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