easter fund raising ideas

Make Easter fundraising more egg-citing in 2024!

If your PTA is struggling for some egg-tra ideas on how to raise cash for your school this Easter, take a look at some of our Kids Just Recycle ideas!

A great incentive to make people part with their money is for you to have a purpose. If you’re fundraising for equipment – let your promotional work to the talking; let your community know what you are raising money for. Whether it be new laptops, sports equipment, afterschool club activities or school trips…it’s always good to have an end goal. People are more likely to spend with you when they know what their hard-earned cash will be spent on.

Easter Fundraising Ideas

So, need some fresh or boosted ideas for your Easter fundraiser? Look no further:

Easter Mystery Trail: Revamp traditional Easter egg hunts by introducing an Easter trail filled with riddles or clues…decipher the hints to uncover the hidden puzzles and win prizes!

Bunny Basket Eggstravaganza: Always a fabulous raffle prize – load up your show-stopping Bunny Basket with Easter treats such as chocolates, hot cross buns and a bottle of fizz and a cuddly bunny toy and watch the grown-ups jostle for their tickets and chance to win big!

The Hard-boiled Egg Toss Challenge: Always a good laugh – how hard can you boil your egg? Get 2 teams together to throw their HBE’s! The longest lasting and furthest flung is the winner for the team!  Smashing game!

Easter Bake Off: Rather than just have the traditional bake sale, this could be a dual-purpose fundraiser. Sell tickets for entry into the competition to bake an Easter-themed cake and further boost funds by selling the delicious baked goods once the competition winners have been announced.

Bonny Bonnets: No Easter celebration is complete without an Easter Bonnet showcase! Get the whole school involved to catwalk their creations! This Easter fashion parade could be ticket only with refreshments for the audience included.

Sponsored Bunny Hop-a-Thon: Get those sponsorship forms at the ready and challenge the kids to dress up and bunny-hop around the playground and get paid per lap! Teachers who are supervising also have to dress up – it’s the Easter rules!

Buy a Bag of Bunny Poo: Really not as gross as it first sounds! Bag up some edible delights such as chocolate covered raisins, mini chocolate rice crispy cakes or mini marshmallows and sell them to your school community! Decorate the bags with stickers and funny phrases for an extra giggle!

Want to know how you can raise money more long-term for your school?

Here at Kids Just Recycle, we have devised a brilliant method for turning your unwanted textiles into cash! Order a FREE school-branded textiles recycling bin, strategically place it on your school premises, making it easy for pupils, parents, staff, and the local community to contribute their pre-worn yet reusable textiles. For every tonne of reusable textiles we collect, we’ll pay you up to £400! This means that you can raise extra funds for your school and we continue to reduce the environmental impact caused by landfill use. Any textiles we cannot repurpose in the UK are redirected to underserved communities abroad, ensuring nothing goes to waste.

So if you want to make Easter fundraising more egg-citing in 2024 and beyond, contact us today!


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