Recycle your school uniform

Recycle your school uniforms with us

Calling all schools who would like to raise funds for school projects and local initiatives!

How would you like to raise money for your local school just by donating your unwanted and pre-loved clothes, shoes, household fabrics and any unclaimed school uniform lost property or school uniform items that have simply been outgrown? Here at Kids Just Recycle, we have a strong environmental conscience and a very different approach to helping children understand about recycling and raising funds. We are passionate about recycling unwanted clothes, paired shoes and household textiles and our aim is to reduce environmental damage caused by landfill use.

How to Recycle your school uniforms

We have three ways you can donate clothing to Kids Just Recycle.

  1. We specialise in installing FREE clothes bins for schools which are completely personalised with your school logo and branding. This encourages your local community to donate unwanted, but reusable clothes, shoes and household textiles as a way to generate much-needed additional funds for schools. We will pay you up to £400 per tonne for your reusable textiles donations. We even have a dedicated resources page for you to download your own posters to promote your recycling campaign.
  2. We also offer our ‘Kids Fill The Bag’ scheme. By simply filling up a black refuse sack full of unwanted clothing, shoes and household fabrics, your school could earn up to £500 per tonne! All you have to do is donate a minimum of 40 filled refuse bags and we will pay you directly. We’ve stopped asking schools to use our branded ‘Kids Just Recycle’ collection bags as part of our own goal to get greener and help save our planet. We were creating an unnecessary piece of plastic with our name and logo on, when in fact we could just as easily use regular refuse sacks that we all have at home. This has reduced our carbon footprint and we are being kinder to our environment.
  3. Our latest way to recycle your school uniform with us is through ‘Free Uniforms 4 Kids’ which is another great way to recycle clothes, only this time specifically non-branded school uniforms are donated. We can’t accept branded uniforms in our general donation bags, but we do have a lot of unbranded stock that people still donate. We don’t pay you for these items so rather than waste these good quality uniform items, we set up ‘Free Uniforms 4 Kids’ to help struggling UK families to clothe their children come term time. For more information please visit

Every item of clothing that is donated will help disadvantaged people in the UK who really need help and your donations make such a difference. Any clothes that cannot be reused here in the UK, we send overseas to help poorer families in need.

So, if your school needs to boost its fundraising for new projects, new equipment, essential building works, school club programmes or raise money for a charitable cause, we can help!

If you’d like to start raising funds through textiles recycling, contact our team today.

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