100% Commitment to Textile Recycling

Here at Kids Just Recycle, our core values revolve around creating a better environment for everyone through textile and clothing recycling, minimising harmful landfill use. We can help you to raise money for your school by simply donating your unwanted clothing.

10 years of expertise

Whilst Kids Just Recycle is a new initiative for us, we are a well-known and well-established recycling supplier with over 10 years’ experience under our belts. We have launched Kids Just Recycle to educate our future generations about the importance of recycling and taking responsibility for our immediate environment and the wider world.

Our aim is to get as many schools and colleges as possible to take part in installing a branded clothing recycling bin on their premises to minimise waste and reduce the need for landfill sites which create harmful greenhouse gases.

A great benefit to the schools and colleges we work with is the money that can be raised. We offer payments in advance to help keep cashflow moving which can support a variety of school projects and we will pay you for every tonne of clothing we collect. So, the more you encourage your recycling super heroes to donate unwanted clothing, the more money we pay you.

You may be wondering where all the clothing that we collect ends up? Each and every garment or item of household textile is hand sorted, graded and sold abroad. This provides an affordable way to get clothing to struggling families in communities in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. Not all of our textiles go abroad, we also partner with organisations in the UK and we provide blankets and sleeping bags for homeless charities such as 'Wrap Up London' to help keep our homeless community warm all year round.

If you can think of any other organisation that would welcome the chance to have their own branded clothing recycling bin, we would be happy to speak to them. We work with:
  • Educational settings
  • Hospitality industry
  • Places of Worship
  • National and Local Charities
  • County Councils
  • Shopping areas/local amenities
  • Commercial/industrial business developments
  • Waste management organisations

Book a textile bin today!

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We can supply your textile recycling bin within 14 days.