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A fresh, environmentally friendly approach to textile recycling – help raise funds for your school

What do we do?

We provide a fun and educational way for children to learn about the importance of recycling and how to create a greener world for us all to enjoy.

Working with primary and secondary schools, PTAs, Scouts & Guides and kids clubs across the region, Kids Fill The Bag can help you raise money for school projects and out of school clubs, simply by filling a refuse bag with unwanted clothing and paired shoes.

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Benefits of working with us

  • You can earn up to a whopping £500 per tonne, per annum by donating a minimum of 40 refuse bags full of your pre-loved clothes which we pay direct to you. If the market price increases, then so does the amount we pay you!
  • Did you know that 94% of the clothes we collect are kept out of landfill sites? We are truly passionate about recycling unwanted clothes and reducing environmental damage as much as possible.
  • Working incredibly hard to collect clothes donations, we can help you to purchase new equipment, build new facilities, create new educational programs and set up pre/after school care with the extra cash.
  • It’s also a great way to teach kids about the importance of recycling, how to help others in poorer communities in the UK and overseas and reverse environmental damage.
  • The work we do doesn’t stop there; we are committed to helping our charity partners through volunteering and ongoing support especially with homeless charity, HandsOnLondon and The Samaritans.
  • All of our collection team members are uniformed, DBS checked and wear ID for everyone’s safety.

Use of plastic bags

As part of our initiative to help save the planet, we no longer provide our branded bags to you, but we do encourage you to use or recycle bags from home to help reduce the amount of plastic in our environment.

Collection day

Once your school or club has collected a minimum of 40 bags of pre-loved clothing and shoes, we will arrange a collection day to take away all your wonderful textile donations. Once, the filled bags have been sorted and weighed, we will provide you with a Certificate of Achievement and payment depending on the weight collected at the going rate of £400 per tonne (40p per kilo).

Earn Even More

You can also earn a cash boost of £100 by referring us – take a look at how you can help us to recycle even more unwanted clothing and help raise much-needed funds.

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