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Show some Valentine’s love and donate your pre-loved clothes

Did you know there is a way to donate pre-loved clothing, paired shoes and household textiles and get paid for it? We have the answer; order a recycled clothing bin from us today.

Here at Kids Just Recycle, we are dedicated to promoting the recycling of unwanted clothing and minimising environmental impact by reducing landfill usage. We think it’s really important to teach school-age children about the positive effects that recycling has on our environment and recycling at home and recycling textiles is a great place to start.

A landfill, also known as a tip, dump or municipal waste site, is the place where most household waste goes. Landfills usually bury this rubbish underground (hence the name, landfill). Once the waste is buried, the land can be sold or used for other purposes. People have always buried their waste; the only thing that has changed is the amount and type of waste that we produce.

To keep textiles out of landfill, your school could install one of our FREE, custom-branded clothing bins with your school’s logo and colours, and you could start to contribute to a sustainable solution. We operate throughout the South-East of England, offering an eco-friendly way for you to earn cash through the donation of pre-loved textiles. When you donate reusable textiles through our bins, we will pay you up to £400 per reusable tonne, providing an opportunity for you to support your school, chosen charity or local community projects.

Just fill the bin with pre-loved textile items, and we can handle the rest. Our expertly trained team ensure timely collections on pre-agreed dates, and our uniformed, ID-wearing staff empty and clean the bins thoroughly. Your site remains clean, tidy, and free of rubbish, thanks to our exceptional service.

Bag it rather than bin it?

The other way you can raise money for your school this year is to take part in our Kids Fill The Bag Challenge! Simply fill at least 40 refuse bags with reusable textiles and we could pay you up to £500 per reusable tonne! We even have free printables on our website so you can promote your challenge to the wider community and raise even more funds!

We accept a wide range of items, including clothing, paired shoes/trainers, household fabrics like linen, towels, curtains, sleeping bags (donated to our homeless charity partner HandsOn London), and even balls of wool for a special group who knit soft toys in support of The Samaritans.

Recycling old clothes and household textiles is a hassle-free way to earn cash for your school community. If you want to learn more about how Kids Just Recycle can help fund your school projects, feel free to contact us for more information. Our friendly team is ready to discuss how to turn unwanted items into a valuable resource for your school.

donate pre-loved clothing, paired shoes and household textiles to raise funds

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