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Countdown to summer fair season 2024!

One of the most exciting events of the school calendar is the summer fair – but it takes a lot of hard work to plan, implement and achieve maximum fundraising.

Here at Kids Just Recycle, we are always looking for new ways to help PTAs come up with new and exciting games, stalls and fundraising ideas. After doing a bit of research we have come up with some suggestions for you – as well as a couple of ideas of our own!

Beat the Goalie
Find a willing teacher to wear inflatable goalkeeper gloves and spend a few hours in goal. Every player gets three chances to get the football past the goalie.

Bottle flip
Ask players to hold a half-filled plastic bottle by its neck and flick it into the air. The aim is for the bottle to fully rotate, so it lands upright on the ground on its base.

Chocolate cards
A simple, fun fairground game. Lay a pack of cards face-up on a table. On some of the cards, place a tasty chocolate or a small treat.  The remaining cards can be left empty or filled with booby prizes. Offer each player a face-down pack of cards. The player chooses their card and wins the prize displayed on the matching card on the table…or not!

Coconut shy
A classic!  Coconuts, wooden balls, a tarp backdrop and a good aim is all that’s needed for this vintage game. Players pay to throw three balls and win a coconut if they knock one down.

Face painting
Great to rope the art teachers into as well as talented parents! Offer simple designs to prevent long waiting times; you could even add temporary tattoos!

Guess the teacher
Ask staff to send in their baby photos and play teacher guess who! Pay per guess and every correct entry goes into a prize draw.

Higher or lower
For those of you who remember Bruce Forsyths’ 1980s game show, all you need is a deck of oversized playing cards. The ‘Dolly’ deals the cards face down and the player must guess if the next card will be higher or lower. If they make it to the end of the row, they win.

Pool golf
Set up a paddling pool and practice your swing! Charge for three attempts to hit the ball from a tee into the pool.

Plant sale
For all those green-fingered parents! Get them to donate a plant for event goers to purchase.

A wine-d up!
Get the grown-ups to save their empty, clean, screw-top wine bottles. Ask for bottles of wine donations from local pubs or supermarkets. Fill the empty bottles with water and wrap all the bottles in newspaper. Anyone over 18 can choose a mystery bottle…but will it be water or will it be wine?

Kids Fill The Bag Scheme

One thing we understand about schools and local communities is that they are usually short of money for equipment, improved facilities or funding local projects. With the team at Kids Just Recycle, we can help you to earn money whilst teaching pupils about the environmental value of recycling.

How would you like to raise money for your local school just by donating your unwanted and pre-loved textiles? How? Jump on board with our ‘Kids Fill The Bag’ scheme. All you have to do is collect 40 bin bags full of reusable pre-loved clothes, shoes and household textiles and your school could earn a whopping £500 per tonne! We will pay you 50p per kilo for all reusable donations

Kids Fill The Bag

We hope these ideas are helpful and will give you a lot of enjoyment at your summer fair – and if you want to start a Kids Fill The Bag Challenge, just give us a call – we even have downloadable print outs on our website for you to promote your fundraising.

Good luck!


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