Recycling for Primary Schools

Recycling in primary schools is a fun and educational way to help our planet.

Teaching our future generations about the amount of waste we produce and how it affects our planet can only be a positive thing. By educating them in a fun and engaging way, we can teach them where our rubbish ends up, the impact it has on the environment, the chemicals it produces and how we can make a difference.

There are so many ways to get your school recycling initiative off the ground whilst at the same time helping children understand the huge impact that can be made by making every-day small changes to rubbish disposal.

Recycling for primary schools has never been easier and we will share with you a few ideas that can help you on your way to being greener and cleaner.

Tin can recycling – save all your bakes beans, spaghetti hoops and dog food tins!  Your tin collection can be soaked in chemicals to separate the tin coating from the steel; the tin is melted, and the steel is crushed so that both can be made into more shiny new tins.

Glass recycling – be careful with glass jars and bottles! These can be broken into small pieces (after you’ve recycled them) and melted which makes it into liquid glass. It can then be reshaped and reused.

Paper recycling – save all your waste paper! Paper can be mixed with water to remove the ink; this is called pulp which is dried, squashed and shaped to make brand new sheets of paper.

Textiles recycling – don’t bin your old clothes, donate them and earn cash for your school! Have you ever considered installing a school branded clothing bin for kids, teachers and families to donate to? Here at Kids Just Recycle, we can provide you with a FREE branded bin and can pay you up to £400 per tonne for all your reusable pre-loved textiles.

Start recycling for primary schools today

Any textiles you don’t need anymore like old clothes, shoes or household fabrics can be donated into your Kids Just Recycle clothing bin. We then empty your recycling bin when it is full and pay your school a cash payment for your textiles donations. The bins will always be emptied on a pre-agreed date by our uniformed and ID-wearing staff so you know your school is in safe hands.

It has never been more urgent for people to donate their unwanted clothes to be recycled, reused and repurposed to help people less fortunate in all parts of the world. We always make sure that everything we collect from you is sorted and distributed to people in need across the UK and abroad to avoid further landfill use and to help struggling communities.

Contact us today to start your recycling for primary schools recycling project!

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