ecycle household textiles

How do you recycle household textiles?

What can you do with your larger textiles like curtains, bed sheets and duvet covers?

When it comes to recycling household textiles there are limited choices. You could take them to the local charity shop, but there is no guarantee that it will be resold and reused because of their condition and could still end up in landfill. You could cut them up and repurpose them into something fun as part of a school activity too, but any waste will probably be incinerated and neither options are great for the environment.

The Kids Just Recycle Team have come up with a super-cool and income-generating way to earn cash for your household textiles! We are passionate about recycling unwanted household textiles and minimising environmental damage caused by landfill sites. Any of the textiles we can’t reuse in the UK, go to poorer communities overseas so nothing ever goes to waste.

So, how do you earn money by recycling household textiles with us?

We specialise in installing FREE school-branded textiles recycling bins in your school grounds for pupils, parents, staff and local supporters to drop off their unwanted textiles donations. This also includes clothing and shoes. We will pay £300 based on every tonne of textiles we collect that is reusable and in good condition. We also have another scheme, if you’d prefer not to have a fixed recycled clothing bin in your grounds and that is Kids Fill The Bag! Simply collect a minimum of 40 refuse sacks full of textiles and we will pay you up to £400 for every tonne of good quality textiles donations.

We already have lots of primary and secondary schools, local authorities, village halls, scouts/girl guide groups and private business owners on board with our cash-generating initiative to help reduce the impact on our planet and help them to raise much-needed funds for schools and community projects.

We are in the process of having free downloadable posters added to a new section of our website for the Kids Just Recycle and The Kids Fill The Bag schemes, so you can print them off and publicise your fundraising details.

You never need to worry about any unsightly mess around your recycled textiles bin either as our professional and efficient service is second to none, hassle-free, and we have an expertly trained team of uniformed, ID-wearing staff to take care of the maintenance of your bins; all you need to do it leave it to us.

recycle household textiles

Start to recycle household textiles today

So you if you’d to know more about how to recycle household textiles with us, just call our friendly team here at Kids Just Recycle.

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