Kids Fill The Bag scheme

Does your school know about our ‘Kids Fill The Bag’ scheme?

We’ve got an exciting, fun and quick way for you to raise funds for your school and save the planet!

Over recent years there has been a huge push on environmental awareness and how we look after our planet. Many schools are now teaching our generations of the future about the importance of the three R’s – not Reading, Writing, Arithmetic (never really understood that reference as it’s RWA!) but Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Many in-school initiatives are being developed and implemented in educational settings across the UK and by working together, we can hopefully make positive change.

Kids Fill The Bag

One thing that schools and local communities are usually short on is money, but it is possible with the team at Kids Just Recycle to earn money whilst teaching pupils about the environmental value of recycling. How? Jump on board with our ‘Kids Fill The Bag’ scheme. All you have to do is collect 40 bin bags full of pre-loved clothes, shoes and household textiles and your school could earn a whopping £400 per tonne! We will pay you 40p per kilo for all reusable donations.

By simply filling up bin bags full of out-grown and unwanted garments, unclaimed lost property items, or clothing cleared out from your wardrobes and cupboards at home, you can get a cash sum paid directly to your school – and the best bit is, if the market price increases, so do the amounts we pay you!

Usually we work with schools by installing our popular FREE branded recycled clothing bins on school premises for everyone in the local community to donate their pre-loved garments to, but the 3 lockdowns we have gone through have thrown some challenges our way. We have worked extra hard to keep our textiles recycling clothing bins operational across all regions because we know that with high street charity shops closed, old clothing and household textiles were piling up and being fly-tipped. By keeping our bin sites operational, we were ensuring people had a place to donate their pre-loved items and for our customers to still earn their important donation funds.

Recycling old clothing bins

The hardest thing for us has been the hold on the manufacture of new bins which meant we have struggled to meet demand. So, we put our thinking caps on and pushed our ‘Kids Fill The Bag’ scheme when school reopened. It has been a great success!

We are now on the look-out for any old, tired-looking and disused recycling bins because we have the skills to restore them to their former glory and make them workable once more. So, if you know of any recycled clothing bins that we could acquire, please do get in touch.

Start today

If your school would like to start a ‘Kids Fill The Bag’ challenge and begin to raise funds through textiles recycling, contact one of our friendly team today. It’s a super way to get everyone working together to earn extra cash for your school projects or facility improvements.

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