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Fundraising for primary schools in 2021

Raising money for schools this year could be a challenge of its own.

Only a handful of primary school children got the chance to re-join their friends and continue their learning journey once more on the 4th of January, before a same day 8pm announcement by the Prime Minister put the whole of England into Lockdown 3.0, cutting that new start short.

Unfortunately, with the rapid rise in the new variant of coronavirus, this was inevitable, but with more school closures what does that mean for primary schools for the remainder of 2021 and their fundraising initiatives that have already been planned?

If schools are to open and close periodically depending on the numbers and the science behind them, this leaves many schools in doubt of their plans they had for fundraising and adding to the school purse, through the support of pupils, parents, carers, staff and local community.

Here at Kids Just Recycle, we understand only too well how much fundraising for primary schools in 2021 is going to be a challenge. Do we have the answer? Not to the global crisis – no, but perhaps we can offer 3 little rays of hope when it comes to continuing to fundraise despite the school gates being closed.

kids just recycle

  1. Recycled FREE branded clothing bins

If your school is closed, why not install one of our FREE school branded recycled clothing bins outside your school premises, or inside the grounds if access allows, so that your local community can drop off any old clothes, shoes or household fabrics that they no longer need? These can be donated into one of our FREE Kids Just Recycle clothing bins and once you have collected 1 tonne of pre-loved, reusable items, we will pay you a staggering £300 per tonne! When it is full, just give us a call and we will empty the bin, clean it and tidy up the surrounding area. We make sure that all donations are hand sorted and distributed to people in need across the UK and overseas to avoid further landfill use.

  1. Kids Fill The Bag

Why not take on our Kids Fill The Bag challenge for 2021? If primary school children and their families are at home due to the government restrictions, what better time to have a clear out as a school team and produce a minimum of 40 refuse sacks of pre-loved clothes, household textiles and paired shoes? By collecting 40 bags of donations, we will pay you a HUGE £400 for your donations. Just organise a central collection point for your school team and book a collection with us and we will do the rest.

  1. Referral Scheme

If you have already installed one of our FREE branded clothing recycling bins on your school premises, why not earn yourself a referral fee of £100 by recommending another school or business in your area to do the same? If they go ahead and we install their bin, you will earn yourself a referral fee; this isn’t a one-time offer, multiple referrals are welcome.

By taking part in any one or all of our recycling schemes is a great way to teach primary aged children about the importance of taking care of our planet and the measures we can take now to prevent further environmental damage. Hopefully this will create a new culture of avid textile recyclers for the future, despite school-based education being put on hold.

If you are looking at new ideas for fundraising for primary schools in 2021, give us a call today


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