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The best way to recycle clothes and get paid for it

Calling all school kids to fill the bag as Kids Just Recycle offer an exciting way to raise funds!

How would you like to raise money for your local school just by donating your unwanted and pre-loved clothes, shoes and household textiles? Maybe you need to generate much-needed funds for a school project, new equipment, essential building works, school club programmes or make a donation to your local charity?

By simply filling up a black refuse sack full of your out-grown and unwanted garments, your school could earn up to a whopping £400 per tonne, per annum! All you have to do is donate a minimum of 40 filled refuse bags and we will pay you a cash sum direct to you – and the best bit is, if the market price increases, then so does the amount you earn from us!

Previously, we used to provide all our school children with branded ‘Kids Just Recycle’ collection bags but as part of our own initiative to get greener and help save the planet, we have stopped doing this. Our carbon footprint was just too big in creating a piece of plastic with our name and logo on, so, we now ask our little collectors to fill refuse bags from home to help reduce our plastic usage and be kinder to our environment.



We love to encourage kids to get on board with recycling and we know that this is the best way to recycle clothes and get paid for it. It’s easy, fun and gets a little healthy competition going between classes and even inter-county schools. All your school needs to do is collect a minimum of 40 bags of textiles donations, give us a call and we will arrange a collection date. We then take all the bags away to be sorted and weighed and once this has been done, we will provide the school with a Certificate of Achievement and payment that reflects the amount of usable donations that have been collected at the going rate of £400 per tonne (40p per kilo).


Nothing goes to waste with Kids Just Recycle, what we can’t utilise here gets shipped overseas to help others in poorer communities. This way we manage to keep around 95% of the clothes we recycle out of landfill sites.

We have also created ‘Free Uniforms 4 Kids’ which is another great way to recycle clothes, only this time specifically non-branded school uniforms are donated. We can’t accept branded uniforms in our general donation bags, but we do have a lot of unbranded stock that people still donate. Rather than waste these good quality uniform items, we set up ‘Free Uniforms 4 Kids’ to help struggling UK families to clothe their children come term time. For more information please visit


If you’d like to start a Kids Fill The Bag challenge and begin to raise funds through textiles recycling, contact our team today. Call 020 3903 9933 or email us at

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