Kamelia Kids Winner upcyling ideas

Smart kids with smart upcycling ideas that raise funds for their schools

Earlier this year, the team here at Kids Just Recycle launched a competition for schools across the nation to take part in our upcycling project.

Upcycling ideas

We tasked them to come up with innovative and imaginative ways to upcycle everyday items and be in with the chance to win a cash prize for their school.

And we weren’t disappointed.

Back in May, we came across some pretty inspiring items that had been made; funky flip flops made of old rubber car tyres and amazing mats made from old plastic bags, all created by people in Africa.

This got us thinking about children in the UK could be inspired by this and come up with their own designs, so we put a post out on our social media platforms officially launched our competition. We deliberately gave a long deadline so that kids could work on their masterpieces during the summer holidays and we would announce the winners at the beginning of the 2021/22 academic year. We knew the competition would be tough so we originally said there would be TWO winners, just to make life a little easier…and fairer.

So, let’s introduce you to our FOUR winners! (We didn’t see that one coming!)

Nythe Primary School in Swindon for their school uniform bunting!

Nythe Primary winner

Kamelia Kids Day Nursery & Beach School in Worthing for their milk bottle hanging planters!

Kamelia Kids Winner

Rusthall St Pauls Primary School in Tunbridge Wells for their T-shirt pumpkins, Lego card box, tin can lanterns, and photo backdrop!

Rusthall Winner upcyling ideas

All Saints Great Oakley in Essex for their bird feeders and tin can bug houses!


All Saints Winner upcyling ideas

We are sure you will agree that these creations are absolutely marvellous and hats off to all the children who took part. We really couldn’t be prouder!

Watch out next year! We’ll be back with another challenge for you!

More upcycling ideas

In the meantime, if you’d like to earn money for your school through textiles recycling, you can order a FREE school-branded textiles recycling bin situated in your school grounds for pupils, parents, staff, and the local community to donate their preloved textiles. We will pay £400 based on every tonne of textiles we collect that is reusable and in good condition. We also have another scheme, if you’d prefer not to have a fixed recycled clothing bin in your grounds and that is Kids Fill The Bag! Simply collect a minimum of 40 refuse sacks full of textiles and we will pay you up to £500 for every tonne of good quality textile donations and paired shoes.

So, if you need more community spirited fundraising ideas for your school, check out what we can offer by contacting one of our helpful and friendly team today!

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