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Recycling projects in high schools

The benefits of completing a recycling project

If your high school is considering starting a recycling project, then the team here at Kids Just Recycle give you a massive thumbs up. We think that recycling projects in high schools are very important for our young adults and future generation as a way of really understanding how our recycling habits can have a positive or negative effect on our planet.

So, here is why we think completing recycling projects in high schools is a brilliant idea:

  • Immediate benefits for your school
  • Immediate benefits for the environment
  • Increased recycling activity will reduce overall waste
  • Save your high school money
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Nurture your wider school environment
  • Make your school grounds a litter-free zone
  • Be part of the Sustainable Schools National Framework – a framework built on the principle of care of oneself, others and the environment.  There are 9 elements to the framework which are tailored around campus, curriculum and community.

These include:

  • Food and Drink
  • Energy and Water
  • Travel and Traffic
  • Purchasing and Waste
  • Nature and Biodiversity
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Inclusion and Participation
  • Local Well-being
  • Global Dimension

Recycling in schools

Responsibility & Development

All of these elements help high school students to take more responsibility during school life and help them to develop teambuilding, communication, interpersonal and workplace skills that will set them in good stead in the future. It also boosts self-esteem, confidence and hones leadership skills for many who participate. Taking part in the scheme is a recognised achievement within the education system and looks good on Uni applications and personal statements going forward.

The recycling projects in high schools students are actively encouraged to:

  • Make a full audit of school waste
  • Create an active plan of improvements for approval
  • Set targets, engage in planning meetings and take positive action to improve recycling facilities
  • Create and implement advertising and marketing campaigns to encourage other students to recycle
  • Measure performance and sustain the project

Positive Action

One way of meeting the criteria to achieve ‘taking positive action to improve recycling facilities’ within school would be to install one of our fully school branded recycled clothing bins or to take part in our Kids Fill The Bag challenge and get paid for every tonne of clothing/household textiles collected. These are great ways to learn about textiles recycling projects in high schools and what happens to clothing once we have finished with it. By recycling you can prevent a further 235 million items of clothing per year going into landfill, even though almost 100% of it is perfectly recyclable.

As part of your recycling strategy, contact one of our friendly team today and let us help you, our environment and raise funds for your school.

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