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Great fundraising recycling ideas for schools

Are you a teacher, student, or a member of the PTA looking for fundraising recycling ideas for schools? Well, look no further; you’ve landed exactly where you need to be!

Fundraisers can be chaotic, with lots of moving parts and the shared goal of making as much money as possible, not to mention the sheer number of fundraising ideas out there. But don’t stress, we can help.

Here’s one that above all else, everybody can do, has all the items to sell, and can easily convert from unwanted to cash in a flash! No, we are not talking about a bake sale or a bizarre, we are talking about textile recycling.; clothes, paired shoes, and most household textiles.

The Kids Just Recycle Team have come up with a genius way for you to earn cash for your unwanted textiles! We are passionate about recycling and minimising environmental damage caused by landfill sites, so any of the textiles we can’t reuse in the UK, go to poorer communities overseas so nothing ever goes to waste.

So, how do you earn money by recycling household textiles with us?

You can order a FREE school-branded textiles recycling bin situated in your school grounds for pupils, parents, staff, and the local community to donate their preloved textiles. We will pay £400 based on every tonne of textiles we collect that is reusable and in good condition. We also have another scheme, if you’d prefer not to have a fixed recycled clothing bin in your grounds and that is Kids Fill The Bag! Simply collect a minimum of 40 refuse sacks full of textiles and we will pay you up to £500 for every tonne of good quality textiles donations and paired shoes.

Pupils and their families will have an abundance of clothes to bring to your fundraiser and you’re not just helping someone by clearing out their old unwanted garments, you are doing so, so much more.

Did you know that the average person in the UK has over 150 items of clothing in their wardrobes, and uses just over 40% of them? By recycling old clothes, you are helping charities build schools, lay pipes for running water, and do countless good deeds to those who aren’t as fortunate as us.

It’s been scientifically proven that clearing out your wardrobe de-clutters your mind and leads to some exciting results – a great exercise if you have exams or an interview coming up!

Fundraising recycling ideas for schools don’t need to be difficult, just beneficial for everyone and by getting involved with our Kids Just Recycle or Kids Fill The Bag schemes, you can help make positive change very easily indeed. We’ve even got a brand-new resources page on our website where you can find free downloadable posters for the Kids Just Recycle and The Kids Fill The Bag schemes, so you can print them off and publicise your fundraising details.

So, if you need great fundraising ideas for schools, check out what we can offer by contacting one of our helpful and friendly team today!


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